Friday, February 29, 2008

What endangers women and children?

Irresponsible reporting by the Drudge Report and quite shameful tail-gating by Jon Snow has not gone unnoticed here in the US. We have spent this week discussing the tragic effects of war in particular on women and children. The UN Commission does not take these things lightly and we are with some 5000 women from around the world, many of whom have first hand experience of finding themselves in women-headed families and communities struggling with physical, financial and social disaster.

So does the Drudge report think they have been helpful?

We have a culture of 'if you know it, tell it' that has developed, but the majority of responsible journalists know when to use their common sense and choose not to report.

Come to the CSW Mr Drudge. Come and talk to women to whom the impact of careless words has a long term, devastating effect, sometimes outcast from their communities. Leaving them exposed and powerless - yet again.

In the second World War we learnt that careless talk cost lives. It still does.

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