Sunday, February 24, 2008

CWO hit the NY streets

Saturday morning dawned snowy and dark but undaunted we sallied forth to find out all that NY has to offer for our one 'down day' of the week. First stop the Subway station to get subway maps and Metrocard details. We cannot seem to move more than a few feet without very kindly New Yorkers stopping to ask if they can help us. This leads us to believe we either:
  • look amazingly ditzy
  • talk loudly and attract attention
  • look like we need getting off the streets
.... or probably all three!

Next stop 5th Avenue to gaze at some of the most amazing stores in the world - and some of the most amazing designer shoppers, complete with designer dogs (one wearing an I Love NY sweater!) We spotted a gentleman in Saks with the most extraordinary giant sheepskin hat that gave the impression it was moving between the clothes racks unaided - hilarious!

We purchased hats and scarves at a street stand, with much laughter all round - especially from the stall holders. The hats may make these pages as the week goes on.....

Later in the day we made our way to what was Ground Zero. Still a pilgrimage site for many, and has an air of thoughtfulness that settles on groups standing to look at the new building site.

A walk down to the river gave us the spectacular snowy view of the Statue of Liberty.

Sunday will be spent at the NGO Conference learning about the themes for the week and splitting into working groups, and we hope to meet more members of our delegation.


Pandagirl said...

Yes... I'm voting for all 3 of these options! Looking forward to hearing more about the hats... and all the exciting goings-on at the conference!

Niki Molnar said...

The top photo is simply asking for a Caption Competition... Any takers?

Blue Amazon said...

'It's a map Jim but not as we know it'