Friday, February 29, 2008

Anger at Drudge

Hopefully the CWOs who are currently in New York may be able to get a US viewpoint on this but I am so incredibly angry with Matt Drudge for the unprofessional way he leaked the news that Harry is in Afghanistan.

For the life of me I can't see any reason he did it, other than to announce to the world that he knew. Well, Matt, it may amaze you to know that a surprisingly large number of people this side of the Atlantic already knew, but they managed to keep their ego under control.

Probably more disappointing, Channel 4's Jon Snow thanks Drudge for doing it.

Has anyone seriously been thinking "I wonder if Harry is in Afghanistan?" for the past 10 weeks? The media are there to report news that is in the public interest - this was not - and has consequently put a member of our armed forces in danger.

I wonder what the fallout would be if Brad Pitt joined the US troops and a UK blog leaked it?

UPDATE: It has been pointed out that it wasn't Matt Drudge who did the originally leaking - this was from New Idea (Gossip) Magazine in Australia, which printed it on the 7th January, and Germany's Bild . Bild should have known better and New Idea say that they had No Idea about an embargo (what happened to plain old common sense?)

Both reports were ignored by the rest of the world's media: It was Drudge that gave the story a voice, which he knew would happen. Yes, I believe Bild and New Idea were ignorant but I blame Drudge.

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Eve Burt said...

We are going to question our US sisters on this today Niki. Its appalling - one man's ego putting not only Harry but his whole unit in even more danger. Drudge is symptomatic of some of the more smug online mouths these days who belive they are above reproach. Shamefully short of common sense and with the judgement of an amoeba