Saturday, February 23, 2008

'Let it snow let it snow let it snow' (sung of course!)

CWO hits New York by storm - literally! Arrived to blizzards and deep snow, but never daunted we plowed through the streets to our apartment (cozy!) (still speaking!) and then onto the UN Building to register.

And that's pretty much where we stopped.

First impressions are not of efficiency - queue process took a full 7 minutes a person - and there are a lots of persons. We queued for three and a half hours BUT - RESULT - we have UN Passes!!!
(Picture: Fiona & Eve at the UN building)
The joy of 'standing in line' made us new friends from mainly the US - Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Florida and beyond. Plus some Brits and a Slovenian. The line experience resulted in ideas of where to get cheap theatre tickets, an invite to Methodist morning worship for two days, and an introduction to Godiva choc mint sweeties.

Conversations were wide ranging and gave us the chance to explain a little of where the Party stands on issues, and dispel the myth that any Party with the word 'conservative' in it would not be ready for change and fresh thinking - something that seemed to be a surprise to our US sisters.

We also experienced our first US bucket of coffee, the great corner cafe by the apartment, and our first 'have a nice day now'.

Saturday is an orientation programme around Macys, Bloomingdales, Saks and 5th Avenue! We need to research how US ladies are projecting their image to the world, and how we can assist in their mission. Plus we are reading the vast of paperwork issued for the Commission on the Status of Women, and meeting up with other delegates

Our Chairman said 'We have to reach out to our sisters around the world and share common experience , it is going to be a very exciting and enlightening week. Sunday is a full day of NGO Conference, where we will have the opportunity to work in individual subject groups and also hear more about the work of the Commission with NGOs.'

So we head out into the day - more in our next!!!!

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Niki Molnar said...

I'm glad to see that the CWO are single-handidly going to solve the US economic depression in one shopping trip!
Keep warm