Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gender Neutral Tosh

Jack Straw has once again been beating the Gender Neutral Terminology drum. This has been going on for years.

Yet again, in a written statement today, he wants titles like 'Chairman' banned from Parliament (to be replaced by Chair) as "the use of male pronouns reinforces gender stereotypes and could be confusing".

Yesterday, I was extremely priviliged to become Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Women's Organisation.

Ooops... did I say Deputy Chairman... as in Woman... and Human... and Mankind?

Grief! I do apologise. I meant to refer to myself as a deputy piece of furniture, a woperson, a huperson and a member of the personkind race.

The term "man" has always been inclusive. However, if I thought that there could be any confusion, then Madame Deputy Chairman is fine too (just longer!)

And if we're going to ban names because they could be confusing, then I feel sorry Hilary Benn.


Eve Burt said...

No wonder John Wayne changed his name from Marion so early - he must have seen all this acomin'

Eve Burt said...

...and you HAVE to read Mark Peters column in Sunday's Boston Globe entitled 'Oh, man -
Is it a prefix or an identity crisis?'
OMG do they have ISSUES over the man word thing!!!