Thursday, March 06, 2008

CWO Leading the Way

One thing that became blatantly clear throughout the Commons debate on International Women's Day was the importance of the work that the CWO is doing behind the scenes and in its Forums and Summits.

The main issues highlighted by the Commons were honour killings, forced marriages, rape, prostitution, violence against women, women in war zones, women in the armed forces and sex-trafficking... all subjects that either have, or are planned to be discussed and worked on by the CWO.

These are not easy subjects and yesterday's mini-conference on Violence Against Women was a good example.

If you were unable to attend the AGM and conference, a full report of the day will appear on our website soon, but suffice to say that it will not be the last time we discuss the subject and if you want to take part in a debate, come and listen, or help us, please make sure that you keep an eye on our diary for future events, or contact us directly.

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Gloria Lumley said...

I just wish to commend the CWO committee once again for bringing to everyones attention very important matters. They have for some time now picked up and run with the Violence Against Women theme, including Trafficking and Stalking and long may they continue to do so.

I was at the AGM and mini-conference on 5 March, and was very humbled by the strength of the two young ladies who stood before us and spoke about the abuse that they had endured and the difficulties of obtaining justice. I know Niki Molnar will be putting a full report on the Blog about the conference - but felt I just had to comment here.

Ladies we must ensure that as much as possible is done not only to stop this abuse but to help those affected. More importantly we must see that these abusers - even when a family member - are made to pay for what they do and not the other way round where the victim suffers twice. Because it was blatantly clear listening to these two young ladies that they suffered again when reporting the matter to the police and taking the matter to court.

Well done CWO - keep up the good work.