Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Award for the Worst Carbon Emissions

On the eve of the Australian Grand Prix, data published by authorities in both London and Melbourne (Australia), have found that, per year, London pumps out an average of 1.2 tonnes of carbon per person and Melbourne pumps out 3.1 tonnes per person!

The problem is the abundant supply of brown coal found in the state and 97% of Victoria's electricity supply is from burning it.

According to a 2005 WWF Report, the Hazelwood Power Station in Latrobe Valley, Victoria, is the dirtiest power station in Australia and the most polluting power station in the industrialised world.

It also doesn't help that 80% of Victorians use their cars every day, leaving the reliable, clean and remarkably cheap (by UK standards) rail and tram travel to the poorer inhabitants and tourists.

There is good news though. Melbourne City Council has initiated a dramatic policy to reduce the city's net greenhouse emissions to zero by 2020. Watch this space.

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