Sunday, July 22, 2012

CWO North-East region hold summer party

 Mrs Jenny Hardy (Joint Deputy Chairman) & Mr Nigel Evans MP

From Christine Hanley, Vice Chairman North-East Region CWO

Our regional Summer Party held in Eaglescliffe on Saturday 23rd  June was a great success.
Over a hundred Guests were able to enjoy a dry evening catching up with old friends, looking round
the garden and sampling the wide variety of finger food provided by the Committee.

Summer Party North-East Region CWO

Our Guest Speaker Mr Nigel Evans MP & Deputy Speaker in the House of Commons mingled with
the crowd before entertaining us with an account of his duties in Parliament which of course included
a few amusing anecdotes.
Mrs Tess Galletley, Mrs Amy Gibb, Mr Ian Galletley & Dr Kathleen Irvine

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