Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On the Campaign Trail

Despite being Deputy Chairman of the CWO, I have to admit that up to last week, I had never been on the campaign trail - something that has now been rectified.

I can't vote in the London Mayoral elections as I live 5 miles outside of Greater London but I want Ken out just as much as those that live 5 miles closer, so when the CWO President, Fiona Hodgson (left in the photo with me in the middle and Sarah Palmer on the right), asked whether I would come campaigning for Boris in Richmond, I couldn't refuse.

I will never look at an election night the same again (or "Results Show" as they will probably be renamed). In previous elections, I have watched as party supporters have thronged around a stage to hear their candidate either win or lose, accompanied by cheers or the rustle of coats being gathered. I have wondered what would make them stand around in a cold hall for hours on end just to hear something you can see on the TV.

I spent a mere 2 days campaigning for Boris and I would have taken my hat off to all of them yesterday, if it hadn't been raining the proverbial cats and dogs. What I did for 2 days, campaign offices all over London have been doing for months - day in, day out and in vastly less salubrious surroundings than Richmond. I applaud them all, whatever candidate they're supporting.

I've always liked Richmond, except the traffic is horrendous. I'm also not too fond of the Nigel Mansell driven refuse trucks that made me kerb my day old new car. Most of all I hate that it's a Lib Dem constituency (3,731 maj). The lovely Zac Goldsmith (unashamed reason to post photo) is standing at the next election for the Conservatives, so you can count me in. Hopefully, if the Mayoral doorstepping is anything to go by, Richmond Park will be Conservative again by 2010 and I'll be one of the ones cheering on the results show from Richmond.

Just please don't let it rain during the campaign... [sniffle]

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Turquoise Blue! said...

Niki, you were a complete star and a totally natural campaigner! I am sure that Richmond will be delighted that you are volunteering to campaign there in the general election. I am sure that some of the work done there during the mayoral election will pave the way for returning Richmond to the Conservatives at the next General Election! Well done, you!