Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Fayed has finally said that he's giving up his 10 year campaign to prove that Princess Diana and his son Dodi were killed in a conspiracy.

He got the killed bit right. They were killed by a drunk driver. Only problem is that it was a drunk driver in Fayed's employ, something that his surreal conspiracy theories tried unsuccessfully to divert attention away from.

It was obvious that the Coroner's Court verdict was never going to end well for Fayed, but how Michael Cole has stayed and pandered to the man beggars belief (or Cole's bank balance).

Fayed truly believes that "the establishment" is against him: The Royal Family, Labour and Conservative Governments, the Police, MI5, MI6, the BBC, any journalist... actually anyone who dares to question him. They all have had a vendetta against him for decades apparently.

Mohammed, in your imaginary world, you're never going to win - it's time to leave the mountain and move abroad.

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