Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Election Fall Out

30 hours after The Decision, I have to conclude that:
  1. Brown has brainwashed his front bench into actually believing that the polls were nothing to do with his decision
  2. The Lib Dems only want to talk about fixed term elections and not their disastrous polling figures
  3. Cameron won't ever admit that the initial Blackpool "Give us an election" was a bluff that came off spectacularly well
I know that CCHQ has been asking for an election since Brown got in - but I didn't realise that they actually meant it until Thursday's polls.


Suzie from Southampton said...

Well, it's fantastic that we are ahead in the polls again. Isn't it sad that it would seem that Gordon's main preoccupation in whether to call an election or not was whether he was going to keep the job!

june said...

I think David Cameron hit the nail on the head this morning when he said that Brown was trying to make us all look like fools