Friday, December 21, 2012

Real men don't rape

A lead article in The Times today (21.12.12) discusses the issue of rape in India.  A country that is growing in leaps and bounds on other fronts; business, technology, politics, still has an estimated rape count of one every 22 minutes.  Yes you did read that correctly. In India rape is considered normal, allowable, and something men need to do.  They will blame women for western dress, being out after dark, or having an interesting background - almost any excuse they can come up with. 

Last week we were training women in Tunisia - helping to get the country into the new world of democracy.  Rape came up several times during our workshops.  The solutions ranged from 'get everyone married' to having women only groups to support each other and discuss the issue.  No.  Absolutely not.  Rape is not about what women do, wear or talk about.  Rape is about men.  Its about misogyny.  Its about control. Real men can control themselves, real men respect women.  Real men don't rape and we need to shout this loudly at every opportunity, and ensure that here in the UK, and around the world that everyone makes a stand against this issue, and to stop considering rape to be something that is the fault of women.

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