Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Boris 2012: Countdown to the Mayoral Election

A message from Theodora Clarke, CWO Director of Communications:

Back Boris 2012 – Countdown to the Mayoral Election

There are less than three weeks before Londoners head to the polls to choose their Mayor and the stakes in this election are high. If Ken takes London and welcomes Ed Miliband into City Hall we will find attaining a Conservative majority in 2015 much harder.

Over the last four years Boris has delivered his promises to turn around the mess left by Livingstone and Labour for Londoners. He has:

  • Tackled Crime by increasing the number of police on the streets pushing crime down by 10.8%.
  • Kept London Moving by making public transport we all rely on more reliable and efficient and by working to smooth London’s traffic flow.
  • Made City Hall Leaner and More Accountable by ruthlessly cutting out waste, making decisions more transparent, increasing efficiency in London with everything at City Hall driven to deliver more for less.
  • Fought London's Corner by constantly banging the drum for investment in London and working for a fairer deal from central government to create the most competitive environment for business.
  • Improved Quality of Life by investing in parks and squares using the best design and removing unnecessary and ugly clutter and by reducing London’s carbon emissions, not only protecting the environment but also saving Londoners millions of pounds in energy bills.
  • Worked to make the Most of the Olympics by bringing the Games in on time and within budget and by working to achieve a legacy that will last for generations.
  • Delivered Youth Opportunities by working to increase opportunities for young Londoners despite the worst recession since the 1930s, which has driven up youth unemployment to well over 15%.
This month at the official launch of his campaign, Boris set out his vision for securing Greater London's future. (watch the video here)

But there is more to do and to accomplish it Boris needs your help. CWO supporters are the backbone of Boris’ campaign and your commitment is critical to getting out his message across the capital.

That is why today we are asking you to volunteer, if you haven't done so already. With your help we can reach even more Londoners in these final three weeks.

Teams of volunteers have already been working hard across London for months leafleting stations, knocking on doors and phoning voters.

The Battle Bus will be continuing its tour of the outer boroughs and Conservative activists are out in them every weekend from now until polling day. Our call centres will be open every afternoon and evening with Monday nights being the dedicated CWO session with visiting MPs.

The choice on 3rd May is very clear – between lurching back to the high-taxing, discredited and divisive approach of Ken Livingstone, or going forward with four more years of sensible, responsible and cost-effective government in London with Boris.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the campaign and if you feel that you can do more please contact the BackBoris2012 campaign.

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