Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thank you!

I didn't want to tag this onto another post as the CWO is so grateful to so many people for their trip to Brussels.

Huge thanks are due to Marina Yannakoudakis for inviting us to visit and giving us so much of her extremely precious time; to Timothy Kirkhope MEP (the leader of the Conservative MEPs in Europe), Vicky Ford MEP and all the other MEPs we met and talked to. An honour too to have sat down with Eva Svensson, the Chair of the FEMM Committee.

Special thanks must go to Mark Walker, Marina's Head of Office, and to Caroline Healy (the Conservative FEMM Committee Advisor) for their help in guiding us around and patiently explaining how everything worked. We would literally have been lost without Mark and still quite ignorant with Caroline!

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Sally Roberts said...

Glad you all had such a fantastic time in Brussels and saw how hard our MEPs work! I was fortunate enough too to be invited over to the Parliament to see how it works and would recommend a trip to anyone who wants to learn more about the EU and its institutions. It is great that we now have a formidable team of women MEPs who are all doing an amazing job!